HASSE 太空學校 NASA登月50週年經典研習




對象:10年級以上 + 大學生

地點:美國休士頓/ NASA JSC

時間:2019年07月11日 – 07月21日




​*凡台灣學生持中華民國護照,自台灣出發者得享台灣太空與科學教育協會補助。非以上受補助學生,學費皆依 美金4700 元辦理。


★澳洲墨爾本大學 Arthur Wu (2005)
“這是一個非常激勵人心的課程,我非常推薦參加HASSE 太空學校。”

★加州柏克萊大學- 林元璋 Wayne (2006)
” I recommend HASSE Space School not only to students who are interested in space, but to all students who hope to broaden their horizons.”

★英國劍橋大學- 陳美羲 Tracy (2016)
“ It was a life-changing experience. I decided to major in computer science after the program.”

★日本東京大學- Yo Murata (2017)
“I put all my energy into HASSE Space School, the experiences I had at the program are irreplaceable and precious to me.”

★國立台灣大學- 陳孟宏 Hugo (2018)
“ 在HASSE太空學校很注重團隊合作,我必須帶領組員一起完成挑戰,我更能冷靜的處理事情,這對我未來影響深遠。”

★智利Adolfo Ibañez 大學- Felipe Campos (2019)
“ This encouraged me even more into space stuff and I definitely want to apply for a job in NASA in the future ! ”

★國立新加坡大學- Xuan Xin Ng (2019)
“Being able to visit places such as NASA Mission Control Center, Ad Astra etc. allowed me to cross many things off my bucket list. I really recommend passionate learners to participate in HASSE Space School, you won’t regret it!”